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The term enameling refers to applying “enamel” paint. Although they have started manufacturing water base enamels, the enamels most commonly referred to in the industry are oil base. Enamels are designed to have excellent flow and leveling properties which means you get a very smooth finish. They also dry harder and are much more durable than ordinary wall paint. Enamels are most commonly used on trim pieces such as baseboard, casing, windows, doors and cabinets. Enamels come in most of the colors available for regular paint. Enamel can be hand brushed, but a spray application will provide a much smoother finish.


Basic interior painting typically refers to finishing walls and ceilings with a latex paint. Generally, two coats of paint are required whenever there is color change. The application method for walls is generally by brush and roller while ceiling are typically sprayed and back-rolled. There are specialty primers and paints for unique situations.


Paint is just one of the many products that might be recommended for your project. Paint is generally recommended for any previously painted surfaces. There is a fair amount of confusion regarding the difference between paint and solid stain. We recommend paint when an opaque color is desired on a smooth, non-absorbent surface. Surfaces might include cement board siding, hard board siding, wood siding (smooth side out), vinyl siding, steel siding, windows and doors.

There are many quality exterior paints on the market. We generally recommend a high quality 100% acrylic paint. 


Solid stain is the recommended product for rough sawn cedar and redwood when an opaque color is desired. Stain is different than paint in that has a thinner viscosity and more easily penetrates the wood whereas paint builds a thicker film over the surface. These characteristics make stain less prone to peeling and allow the natural texture of the wood to show through.

There are oil-base stains and acrylic stains. We recommend a 100% acrylic, self-priming stain. The acrylic formulas tend to weather better and fade less than the oil-base stains.


Semi-Transparent and Semi-Solid stains are recommended for any natural wood when it is desired to have the grain patterns and colors highlighted. These products are used frequently on cedar shake siding.

These products come primarily in oil-bases. 


Just like siding products you can finish your deck with a solid stain, semi-transparent stain or a wood toner. There are product lines made especially for decks. We can help you choose the best product for your desired look and maintenance schedule. 

There are products specifically designed for each different type of metal and their respective condition. Whether it is iron rail, steel trusses or a light pole, we can recommend the right product for your project.